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All classic volleys are hit with underspin (as opposed to a swing volley which has topspin). That is why your tennis pro insists on a grip that feels uncomfortable. The grip opens the racket face and allows spin to be hit.

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The Volley is executed before the tennis ball bounces on the court. Although Volleys can be hit from anywhere on the court, they are usually hit moving forwards to the net. Similar to the Slice in setup and execution: both require a high to low movement to generate underspin, making the ball bounce as low to the ground as possible.

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The surprise tactic can catch an opponent off-guard and break a point wide open. Since the shot requires underspin, most players are more comfortable executing it on their backhand side.

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Some volleys are hit quite flat, others with underspin that can exceed 2000rpm. The player's movement, the oncoming ball, and the shot line can all be different diagonals. Finally, the players tend to be moving much more directly forward than on any other shots.


I never hit much underspin when I played tennis, except for approach shots down the line. In pickleball, however, I hit a lot of underspin from both sides. The best players I have seen tend to use underspin when hitting their backhands. I don’t know why, but underspin from the backhand side seems to be easier to hit.

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Aimed at putting the opponent under pressure. Chip: Blocking a shot with underspin, creating a low trajectory. Chop: Shot hit with extreme underspin, opposite of topspin. Clay: a natural surface made of crushed shale, stone, brick or clay on which tennis is played, most notably at the French Open. See: clay court.

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