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The Functional Tennis Match Journal

The Match Journal comprises of 46 match sheets where you plan and evaluate your matches. You can download a FREE PDF of a match sheet by filling out the info below. Are you a coach, academy or federation?

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Pointer & Journal Pack – Functional Tennis

Pointer & Journal Pack. Save today by combining our most popular products, our Original Tennis Pointer, The Match Journal and The Practice Journal. Our pointer is used by thousands of players of all ages and levels around the world from grand slam champions in Poland to young juniors in Brazil to seniors playing in sunny Florida. It comes in 3 ...

Free Functional Tennis Match Sheet

Based on our very popular Match Journal, the match sheet gives you a framework to plan, prepare and evaluate your matches. Learn more about your opponents game, learn more about your game, be prepared with a plan A and B and bring those learnings into your next match as well as give you direction in your practice sessions.

Applied physiology of tennis performance

In tennis matches there is a general trend toward an increase in V̇ o 2 and heart rate as the game progresses, with a decrease during the rest periods while changing ends. 18 V̇ o 2 max values in competitive high level tennis players have varied between 44 and 69 ml/kg/min, with the overwhelming majority of values greater than 50 ml/kg/min ...

Influence of a Prolonged Tennis Match Play on Serve Biomechanics

The aim of this study was to quantify kinematic, kinetic and performance changes that occur in the serve throughout a prolonged tennis match play. Serves of eight male advanced tennis players were recorded with a motion capture system before, at mid-match, and after a 3-hour tennis match. Before and after each match, electromyographic data of 8 upper limb muscles obtained during isometric ...

Player DeveloPment Journal - USTA

• Playing match on your terms and at your rhythm • Serves wide, first ball to open court • Serves T, first volley behind • First volley deep, second volley short • First volley to weaker side • Defensive volleys keep deep and in front of you • Volleys deep middle to take away the angles for passing shots Chip and Charge

Functional Tennis - Helping you become a tennis player

📓 The Match Journal The perfect tool for tennis players of all levels and especially juniors to help improve their tennis game. Tap the button below to learn more about the journal.

Nutrition for Tennis: Practical Recommendations

As tennis matches consist of multipleand frequent interruptions that disrupt match-play, the nature of tennis clearly allows opportunities to take on fluids and electrolytes. Although studies have investigated fluid and electrolyte balance in tennis, few have been on elite-standard players.

Tennis Injuries: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, and ...

Thus, matches can last for several hours, requiring hundreds of short, explosive bursts of energy. 1 The aerobic and anaerobic requirements of tennis, combined with the variety of strokes, result in a unique profile of injuries. 2 As in many overhead sports, the shoulder and elbow can be adversely affected by the repetitive trauma of chronic ...