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11 Fun Tennis Games for Kids [Tennis Drills for Kids] - Kid ...

11 Fun Tennis Games for Kids [Tennis Drills for Kids] 1. Dodge Ball. This game is played much like the traditional game except this time you will be using the net, a racket,... 2. Tidy/Messy. This game will require the use of 12 tennis ball cans with lids. Set up the cans on one side of the court... ...

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Leg Strength & Balance – footwork exercise. (1 video / 2 minutes) Potato Race – speed game for 2-6 players. (1 video / 2 minutes) Clean the Court – speed, competitive game for 2-6 players. (1 video / 3 minutes) Mirror Eight – footwork drill for 2-6 players. (1 video / 3 minutes) Cat and Mouse (1) – fun footwork game.

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Most popular drills/games for Singles players: 1. Three for Air – aggressive play; moving up to the net to win more points. 2. 100 – great game for ground-strokes consistency. 3. In and Out – competitive game for 3+ players. 4. 90 Seconds – rally competition; good conditioning play. 5. Ping-Pong Tennis – team work; ground-strokes consistency. 6.

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This drill can be played with as few as 3 players, but especially for youngsters it would be better to use 4 or more. When using 4 players, players 1 and 2 can start behind a baseline and players 3 and 4 can stand behind the opposite baseline. Player 1 starts with the ball and hits a groundstroke to player 3.

6 Fun Tennis Games to Spice Up Your Tennis Lessons

6 Fun Tennis Games to Spice up Your Tennis Lessons 1. Hungry Crocodile. This is a volley drill for younger students. Line the kids up by the net to show them the volley... 2. Count Dracula. Have the kids stand in pairs either side of the service line. They count every time they hit the ball... 3. ...

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Creative Tennis Drills & Games for Kids High Five Volleys. The High Five Volleys drill is good for children under the age of five. Have the kids line up along... Ring Around the Rosie. You’ll need at least three children for the Ring Around the Rosie tennis drill. Have the kids... Agility Ladder ...

Exciting Group Games and Drills for Group Tennis Lessons

Here are some ideas of group games for group tennis lessons. 1. Target Practice. Separate your players into two teams, and place a large triangle of cups behind the back line. Putting two tennis balls in play, these teams must both try to defend their own pyramids of cups while also trying to attack the other team’s.

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Top 10 Games Every Coach Should Know. They handle a minimum of 4-8 players per court. Each can be operated by the coach or the students. They are adaptable to various skill levels. The coach can integrate technical and tactical issues.