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Movement Analysis: Soccer Free Kick by Samantha Rodriguez

directing the ball's path. Body position (running onto the ball) leaning backward > elevated kick. leaning forward > more control. Arm swing. counterbalances rotation. helps keep balance. Semitendinosus*. Flexion, internal rotation of flexed knee.

(PDF) Kinematic Soccer Kick Analysis Using a Motion Capture ...

This paper shows a kinematic analysis of the penalty and free kick in soccer in order to write an algorithm to identify the phases of movement when executing said kicks. At the beginning of the ...

Kinematic Analysis of the Instep Kick in Youth Soccer Players

Ishii H, Maruyama T. Influence of foot angle and impact point on ball behaviour in side-foot soccer kicking. The Impact of Technology on Sport. 2007; II:403–408. [Google Scholar] Isokawa M, Less A. A biomechanical analysis of the instep kick motion in soccer. In: Reilly T, Lees A, Davids K, Murphy WJ, editors. Science and Football.

Motion Analysis and Biomechanics of the Side-Foot Soccer Kick ...

Motion Analysis and Biomechanics of the Side-Foot Soccer Kick. Date Issued: 2014-11. Abstract: Soccer, otherwise known as football, holds the title as the most popular worldwide sport. Soccer players rely heavily on the ability to execute an accurate delivery of the ball to a target using primarily the lower body.

Muscular Analysis of a Soccer Kick by Brittany Hillyer

Muscular Analysis of a Soccer Kick Form/ Stability: low center of mass, having a strong base for. support.. Max Velocity: all involved joints must work together in order to. produce the max velocity.. Linear Motion of Ball: motion along a straight line ( trajectory path. of the ball). Angular ...

Motion Analysis Helps Soccer Players Get Their Kicks

The analysis allows the doctors to look closely at where motions are coming from so the surgical plan is strategic. But as motion analysis technology has improved, Hospital for Special Surgery researchers say motion analysis can now be used to look at and analyze faster and more complex movements like the soccer kick.


Biomechanics and movement analysis in soccer can define the characteristics of a skill quantitatively. Quantifying the movement of certain task like of the penalty ki ck can be used to improve the...

The Biomechanics Behind Kicking a Soccer Ball

A soccer kick is described as a proximal-to-distal motion of the kicking leg i.e., the leg moving away from the body. The motion can be broken down by segmental and joint movements existing on multiple planes. The backswing of the thigh will initiate the kick. The thigh will experience a deceleration due to the shanks and the hip muscles.