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17 Basketball Screens All Players and Coaches Must Know

"What is a basketball screen?" A basketball screen is a way to block a defensive player. When a screen is set, the screener's teammate will have a better chance of getting open because their defender will have to avoid the screen before getting back into defensive position. This is a huge advantage to the offensive team.

Basketball Screens For Beginners : Basic Concepts and Plays

Basketball Screens For Beginners : Basic Concepts and Plays. A basketball screen is a specific action in which one or more offensive players will block another player’s defender with the purpose of creating space and separation so that the player receiving the screen could have the opportunity to either score with the ball or execute play-making abilities.

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Screen: A offense player is positioned between a teammate and the opponent to clear the way for the teammate's shot at the basket. Shot: To throw the ball toward the basket. Shot Clock: A device that keeps track of the limited time the team in possession of the ball has to take a shot at the basket.

250+ Basketball Terms all Coaches and Players Must Know

The goal of a screen is to give their teammate space that may lead to an open shot or simply to receive a pass that puts them at an advantage. Screen-the-Screener - A term used when a player receives a screen from a teammate immediately after setting a screen for another teammate. This is a very difficult action for the defense to guard.

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"Pick and roll" - a play where an offensive player sets a "screen" ("pick") on a team-mate's defender, thereby freeing up the team-mate, after which the screener moves, or "rolls" off the screen to the hoop ("pick and roll"), or an open perimeter area for the return pass ("pick and pop"). See Setting and Using Screens.

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Screen - when the offensive basketball player stands between a teammate and a defender to give his teammate the chance to take an open shot. Shot Clock - a clock that limits the time a team with the basketball has to shoot it to a given amount of time.

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Screen- An offensive player intentionally blocks the path of a defensive player. Screener- An offensive player who blocks the path of a teammate’s defensive player. “See The Ball”- Call to alert team or player to get ball vision. Short Pass- Short pass to a cutter at close distance.

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SCREEN: To block a defending player from reaching a teammate by standing in front of him. A screen must remain stationary, and if the screen moves it is a violation. SHOT CLOCK: 24 seconds is the amount of time a team must take to make the ball touch the basket or to score. If the team is unable to do so within 24 seconds, the shot clock is said to run out.