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Alternative puck line 3 way is not available in the NHL games, as NHL puck lines games don’t end in a tie. If you’ve ever come across term “alternative puck line 2 way”, that just refers to the normal puck line betting system. You may also want to check our NHL betting system article.

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Many betting sites will offer -2.5 puck lines in some cases or alternative puck lines where the moneyline underdog is laying goals for a high odds underdog wager. When To Bet The Puckline There are times when betting the puck line makes more sense than taking the moneyline or making a totals bet on a hockey game.

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When you bet on a 3 way line the juice is usually greatly reduced and this can lead to great value bets. Many games go into overtime in the NHL so once again, knowledge of the teams mean everything. Overtime and shootouts do not count in a 3 way betting line.

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The puck line in hockey is placed at +1.5 or -1.5. The + is for the underdog while the – is for the favourite. This means you add the stated amount to the underdog goals and subtract it from the favourite. Let’s say for example we have two teams; Tampa Bay Lightning has a total score of 4 vs. Detroit Red Wings has a total score of 9.

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In ice hockey, a puck line is a unique bet made in lieu of moneylines. Generally speaking, most bettors have no preference either way. However, most people probably don’t know why this type of wager exists. Allow us to explain with this comprehensive puck line betting guide. We’ve gathered the differences and compared the value of each bet.

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Essentially in a three way bet, you have to add whatever goals you took to the final score and that's the result. In your case, adding -1 to 3 makes the final score 2-2, so the tie bet would've won. If you'd have bet Wild +1, you'd have lost as well. 1. level 2.

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Kinda useless to have a 3 way that includes OT and shootouts. A three way puck line includes a draw on the puck line so for example the options would be +1, -1, or draw, and if the favorite wins by 1, then it was a draw on the puck line. That is why your bet lost, the winning selection was draw.

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This bet allows you to predict what the winning margin will be between the two teams, an ideal way of betting on hockey if you think the underdog are in for a battering! 3 Way. This wager differs from the money line types of NHL bets because it allows for the option of a tie.